American Wardrobe highly experienced seamstresses understand that different fabrics such as delicate silks, sequin, intricate lace, leather and fur require different alteration techniques. We can perform any type of restyling, resizing, remodelling or invisible repair to the garment we alter. We bring a commitment to making our customers look their very best. 


Whether you have purchased a luxury beaded gown, a sequined evening dress for a special event or a simple work dress which needs altering, our highly trained seamstresses will work on it to ensure it fits you precisely.
We can also transform your dress into something special by restyling it, with attention to your personality and taste. We have the experience of working on beautiful laces, luxury fabrics, and materials that overall are not easy to alter. We pay close attention to ensure that the end result is a dress that compliments your figure, without any hint of alteration. 

  • Take in or Let out Dress sides
  • Narrow Dress shoulders
  • Shorten / Lengthen Dress
  • Shorten / Lengthen Dress Straps
  • Reshape Dress neckline
  • Replace Dress Zip
  • Restyle Dress
  • General Dress Repairs

 For skirts that are too loose or tight on the waist or hips, we can quickly and effectively reduce or increase size by adjusting the side seams or the centre back seam. After a fitting with our seamstress, we can also determine the perfect fit for your body shape. For a neater silhouette, we taper (narrow) skirts either fully or partly. For a subtle taper, we would remove excess fabric from the inside seams. We can shorten any type of hems whether your skirt has one or multiple layers, keeping the original design intact. 


  •  Take in or Let out Skirt waist
  • Shorten / Lengthen Skirt
  • Replace Skirt Zip
  • General Skirt Repairs

 To improve the fit of your coat or jacket we can take in the side seams or rear centre seam for a flattering fit. We can also shorten the length of your coat or sleeves ensuring the original stitch pattern, thread colour and any detail are matched perfectly. When shortening the sleeves of a coat we can offer two options. We can shorten from the crown (shoulder) or from the sleeve end. We usually  recommend shortening from the crown as the most effective way of achieving a flawless result. Working from the shoulder means that the cuff detail or ‘shams’ are not disturbed and consequently the design and proportions of the coat or jacket have remained original. We can narrow or ‘chip’ the shoulders of a jacket or coat for a neater fit or add pads to define the silhouette or even out a dropped shoulder. A ripple of excess fabric across the back neck area or ‘Square back neck’ can be removed by simply opening the back neck and shoulder seam, lifting excess fabric and re-stitching as original for a more complimentary fit on the body. If your jacket or coat has a worn lining we can replace your existing lining with either a close resembling colour or replace it with a colour of your choice adding more pockets or detail at your request. Zip or button replacements are of course basic alterations that we are happy to perform.

  • Take in or Let out Coat/Jacket sides
  • Narrow Coat/Jacket shoulders
  • Shorten / Lengthen Coat/Jacket sleeves
  • Shorten / Lengthen Coat/Jacket
  • Adjust Coat/Jacket lapel shape
  • Reline Coat/Jacket
  • Replace Coat/Jacket zip
  • Replace Coat/Jacket buttons
  • General Coat/Jacket repairs

 For trousers that are loose or tight on the waist, we can quickly and effectively reduce or increase size by adjusting the centre back seam. After a fitting with our seamstress, we can also determine the perfect shape of the seat and raise or let down the fork when necessary. For a closer fit and neater silhouette, we taper (narrow) trousers either fully or partly. For a subtle taper, we would remove excess fabric from the inside leg seam. For a more drastic change, we can reduce the leg width by removing fabric from both the inside and outside leg seams. We shorten trousers by hand so that the stitching is invisible from the outside.

  • Lower Trouser waistband
  • Take in or let out Trouser waist and seat
  • Take in or let out Trouser waist, seat and fork
  • Shorten / lengthen Trouser with a plain hem
  • Shorten / lengthen Trouser with a turn up
  • Add tape to the Trouser hems
  • Take in / let out Trouser seams
  • Install a front Trouser lining
  • Fully line Trouser
  • Replace Trouser zip
  • General Trouser repairs

 When shortening jeans, we are able to retain a pre-worn finish by cutting away the original hem and reinstating it at the required length. When tapering (narrowing) jeans, we pay close attention that the original stitching and thread colour is matched perfectly. We can also replace lost jean buttons and rivets.

  • Lower Jeans waistband

  • Take in or let out Jeans waist and seat

  • Take in or let out Jeans waist, seat and fork
  • Shorten / lengthen Jeans with original hem

  • Take in / let out Jeans seams

  • Replace Jeans zip

  • Replace Jeans rivets

  • Replace Jeans buttons

  • General Jeans repairs

If you do not like the general fit of your blouse there are a number of alterations that are possible. If your blouse is too loose or tight we can quickly and effectively reduce or increase size by adjusting the centre back seam or side seams. Blouse sleeves can, of course, be shortened or tapered (narrowed). Darts can be added to the body of a blouse to narrow it at the waist and depending on the run, we can alter the hips and a little of the chest. This will remove any excess fabric which can be annoying and unflattering to your figure. We have the experience of working on any type of fabric from delicate lace to sequin, beads and other materials that overall are not easy to alter. We pay close attention to make sure that the end result is a blouse that compliments your figure, without any hint of alteration.

  •  Take in or Let out Blouse sides
  • Narrow Blouse shoulders
  • Shorten / Lengthen Blouse sleeves

  • Shorten / Lengthen Blouse

  • General Blouse repairs

 If your leather jacket does not fit you as it should or is ripped then we have the skills to alter or repair it for you correctly. It is important that leather alterations are always undertaken by professionals as leather alterations that are not performed correctly can ruin your garment and are nearly always irreversible. A tear or rip does not need to mean the end of a leather jacket or coat. Our skilled seamstresses have the ability to replace panels and use specialised techniques to restore your leather jacket or coat to its original condition.

  • Take in or Let out Leather Jacket sides

  • Narrow Leather Jacket shoulders

  • Shorten / Lengthen Leather Jacket sleeves

  • Shorten / Lengthen Leather Jacket

  • Repair Leather Tears

  • Replace Leather Jacket Zip

  • Narrow Leather Jacket sleeves

  • General Leather Jacket Repairs

  • Fur Coat Alterations and Fur Repairs


Let our skilled furrier give a new life to your old fur coat or jacket by restyling it to give it a more contemporary look. For example, we can change the look of your fur garment by remodelling the sleeves or collar or transform it into a new fur garment like a fur gilet, a hat, or a scarf. With our skills, experience and creativity there are more options for restyling a fur garment than you can imagine. Performing alterations and repairs to fur garments requires the expertise of a skilled furrier with the proper tools and training. Alteration and repairs to fur garments must be carried out using specialised equipment including special needles and thread type designed for the unique properties of fur. As even a simple remodelling job can be complicated, we recommend that you only trust specialists like our experienced furrier with altering your fur garments. 

  • Take in or Let out Fur Coat sides

  • Narrow Fur Coat shoulders

  • Shorten / Lengthen Fur Coat sleeves

  • Shorten / Lengthen Fur Coat

  • Adjust Fur Coat collar shape

  • Restyle Fur Coat

  • Repair Fur Coat tears

  • Replace Fur Coat hooks

  • General Fur Coat repairs


We believe in charging our customers fair and reasonable prices, therefore, we undertake regular research to ensure our rates are moderate. We appreciate that you would like to know in advance how much the costs are going to be but as garments can vary with regards to fabric, finishing, construction and detail we prefer that customers visit us so we can provide a free, accurate and no obligation quote. At your appointment, we will provide you with a breakdown of costs so you have a clear understanding of what you are being charged for and do our best to make sure we quote within your budget. Our Fair and Reasonable Price policy means that our customers receive the best possible service and outstanding quality workmanship, without having to pay premium prices.

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